Monday, 18 July 2011

How big is yours!

People ask all the time "how big is your kiln?" I could never do the maths. Cubic capacity is not my strong point. Anyway the kiln holds enough pots, about two months worth of work!

Well we measured it and with the aid of one of the children's calculators, and can quite truthfully say that my kiln is 0.3358 cubic metres or (in old money) 12 cubic feet. Here is a picture.

Here it is loaded. There are about 70 pots in there of varying sizes. We fired the kiln today. The firing took about eleven and a half hours. Cone eleven down at the top. (that is about 1300 degrees centigrade)
We will open the kiln in a couple of days time when it is cool enough to open. Just the long anxious wait to see if it was all worth while.

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