Monday, 5 September 2011

Fresh Pots

Over a week of waiting, finally the kiln has been opened and we all tentatively took our first peer inside. It looked good, lots of shiny pots and runny glazes.
Pete's pipes were all intact, no obvious disasters, time to get in and start handing out the pots.
Carefully lifting off their wads.

Even after a week the kiln and pots are surprisingly warm. It's not too comfortable in there.

But someone has to do it!!!!

I think everyone agreed it was a good firing, plenty of oohhs and arrrhhhs, bit like bonfire night watching fireworks burst in the sky.
The pots passed out along a human chain, occasionally the chain stopped as someone realised that they had their pot in their hands and a closer look was needed. There were some very tasty pots, only a few had welded themselves to the shelves and floor.

Here is a selection of some of my pots, cleaned up, the shell soaked off and the bits of wad removed.



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