Saturday, 1 October 2011

Bountiful Harvest

A Lady commented recently that my pots were very fruit like. I don't consciously take inspiration from nature or make claims that my work is inspired by nature / the rolling Leicestershire Countryside or fruits from my allotment, so I was somewhat surprised by her insistence that nature had a guiding hand in what I make.
Recently the bottles that I enjoy making have got fatter, the bases smaller,  but this is more about playing with form and balance. Making the form float and appear less grounded. It makes firing more difficult as the shapes are harder to support and making is slower otherwise the shapes collapse and sink. I find these later pieces more satisfying and the opportunities for glazing and allowing the ash to settle on the broad shoulders is much greater than the skinny bottles I was making a few years back.
Work evolves, and is always moving on so I thought it would be appropriate to take advantage of this years pumpkin harvest on the allotment and take a photo opportunity with fruits and pots.

Maybe I should start to put ridges into the bottles and complete the imitation further. Maybe not, nature seems to get on fine without my intervention.

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