Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Local Potter Wins Arts Prize

Every year I receive an email invitation from The Upper Broughton Art Show to submit work for the annual Art Exhibition. For various reasons, I have never got around to putting a couple of pots in a box, driving the few miles and having a go. This was the 29th year that this village Art Show has been staged and Artists from all around the area submit work, mainly painters, but a couple of sculptors and potters have on occasion displayed their wares.
The show is a weekend affair with a private view by ticket on the Friday evening, so work has to be delivered on Wednesday. By mid afternoon there were paintings stacked all around the walls and it was questionable how the hanging committee would fit them all in along with the wood carvings, sculpture and pottery. The village hall is quite small, there is an adjoining room, charmingly called Rose Cottage. It seemed a daunting task.

Intrigued we went along on Saturday afternoon to experience Upper Broughton Art Show. The standard of painting was extremely high and varied, all the work was displayed without looking crowded, flowers had been arranged and with the spotlighting now on it all looked very good.

There were even tables and chairs set out, with cloths on the tables, floral arrangements and an amazing array of cakes for sale. If there is one thing village ladies excel at, it is putting on a spread, cake and tea sales was very brisk. It was a lovely way to spend an afternoon and we stayed longer than we had anticipated and to cap it all I discovered that I had been awarded first prize for the best 3-D work.

In contrast some of the other invitations that appear out of the ether are less interesting. My favourite has to be:-
 " Hello - I have just set up a Social Enterprise called Wiggle-Jiggle Arts-Making the Imaginary Real and bringing Education to Life we have a Christmas crafts, baking and singing workshop on Friday 23rd December. There will be a craft fair too and I was wondering if you would like to have a stall - it is free - please also pass the details onto your crafty/artistic friends".

I don't think my crafty friends would appreciate that.

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