Friday, 6 January 2012

Here's to 2012

It seems to have been windy for ages this winter. The last lot was truly scary, the roof creaks in strong winds in our two hundred year home and lying in bed the other night it was difficult to sleep. It was like the rigging on a sailing ship creaking and groaning. I've recovered the compost bin lid several times now from the bottom of the garden and dug Mandy Next Door's plastic flower pots out of the hedge. We have somehow missed all the rain, the brook is still dry, usually in full spate this time of year and it's bone dry under the Cedar tree where the Chickens like to roost. Chicken heaven really, dust bath at the bottom, snoozing above.
Cocooned in my little workshop, with Mandy's flower pots winging by and listening to the radio, playing with clay. I have heard all the end of 2011 summaries about the Doom and Gloom and a panel of 27 experts predicting the future Doom and Gloom for 2012.  No change then. The current preoccupation with the media about the state of the high street reached fever pitch just before Christmas. Now all the fears are about poor sales figures from the big boys in retailing. Perhaps everyone now has a flat screen TV in every room and the market is exhausted.
My own end of term report is more positive. Made some good pots, sold a few, met lots of interesting people, fired a few kilns and had loads of fun.

2012 is up and running, made some small pieces over Christmas ( How sad is that )? Heard that I had been selected for Earth and Fire and Potfest in the Park, but didn't get in at Sock. Yeah Sock, a Contemporary Craft Fair, showcasing local Talent in Loughborough.
I've been preoccupied with making beakers lately, (mugs without handles or if you insist Yunomi). They don't naturally lend themselves to coiling, takes too long and it's very fiddly. I found that by flattening a disk of clay and bending it upwards to form a shallow cup, it was possible to add a couple of coils to make a beaker. They need a bit more refining, but last year they were well received and they all sold. One even went at Farnham, that I was using as a tea cup, complete with tea! The gentleman did not even want it wrapping. We had nice ceramic beakers when I was a child, they were eventually replaced with nasty Melamine ones, which were superseded with even nastier gaudy plastic. They feel greasy and slimy and don't keep the tea hot.

Beakers waiting to be Yunomi.

 2012 is going to be a year for the resurgence of good honest wood fired beakers, that is my prediction!

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