Thursday, 15 March 2012

As long as a piece of string

The often asked and vexed question :- " How long do these take to make then"? doesn't have a simple answer. There is usually a silence whilst I look at the pot in question, put an imaginary finger to the wind and offer an estimate.
 "Couple of days" usually suffices and the enquirer goes on their way.
A couple of days sounds like a convenient time frame, but does it cover prepping and wedging the clay, scraping the pots, cleaning the bottoms, waiting for the clay to stiffen so that the last third can be finished? What about packing the kiln and bisque firing? I suppose I could divide the number of pots into the firing time. Ok, so that is a couple of days plus 49 minutes.
Then there is glazing, oh, and making up the glaze, and finally the wood firing. So that's another day and a half to pack the kiln, twelve hours on a good day to fire the kiln.
 The numbers get scary, so it takes a lot more than a couple of days for sure, so if I was to offer up 82 hours and 49minutes would that answer the question?
A couple of days sounds fine and keeps it simple and one can move on to other issues like "Where do you get the wood from to fire the kiln"?

About one and a half days

Now thats another time consuming part of the process. I use broken and discarded pallets, there are plenty around locally and if I am lucky, Joe next door kindly deposits them on the drive if he has just had a big job and can't get them to the tip.

Thanks Joe

The village shop just had a brand new deli counter delivered, it came on a pallet with a wooden crate around it all. Nice clean softwood and only held together with staples. Easy. Some serious wood in that bad boy according to Will. Yep, about an hour at 1200 degrees I should imagine and mine for the asking.  Only got to take it apart, pull out the staples, cut it into fire box lengths and stack to dry. No sweat.

So thats 84 hours and 49 minutes then sir.

Enough wood to fire the kiln