Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Even Potters scrub up for their daughter's wedding.

A wedding was not in the program of events so soon this year. When Eleanor and Graham announced their engagement last October, September or October this year was more in mind for a wedding.
That was until Graham was offered a job in the USA.
Is it possible to organise a wedding in four weeks?
There is nothing about pots or potting in this blog, something else cropped up and it has been down tools, wrap up the clay and leave the kiln part packed, when it comes down to the wire, you just have to pull out all the stops for your only daughter's wedding.
First stop, the Vicar, is the church available?
Yes, so the road train is rolling down the hill and it's on.
A dress, venue for reception, flowers, catering, a cake, design and make the invitations and most important get Woody home from France.
"I'm not going through with it without my brother."
Who said the trains were so much better in Europe?  Getting from Meribel to St. Pancras in only fourteen hours!
Then turn round and get back in time to do breakfast on Monday morning. Well done Ed, you are a star, or should that be Eurostar.
And well done Laura, the power of the phone and internet, it all went smoothly, was a brilliant and memorable day and one the newly weds can take with them when they start their new life in Virginia.

As for pots, we used a few as centre pieces for the tables in the eighteenth century barn we hired, with twigs from the garden and simple flowers from the supermarket. Simple but effective. Now it's back to packing the kiln, and get a firing in before Easter.

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