Saturday, 2 November 2013

Dear David,

I thought it was time for an apology.

Now that no one seems to write or send letters we have to rely on email or social media to communicate more and more. Smiley faces, likes and thumbs up (or down) and a hundred and forty characters have to say it all.
I've always tried to stay underneath the radar as it were, I work best alone, so I am a late adopter when it comes to things like Facebook. I've got it pretty locked down mind you, you don't need my date of birth, where I went to school or who I live with, but saying things with pictures is right where I am comfortable and if they can be enjoyed, well that's fine.

The downside is the images generate interest and emails start to follow...

Hi, we love your work and want to sell your wonderful pots on our exciting new on line gallery.

I did check out a couple of these and clicked my way through pages of bright commercial art. There is one of these 'Art works' hanging in my dentist's waiting room. Not a single pot to be seen, needless to say I employed the little trash symbol and off they went, up into a cloud floating over us all.  :(

Then along came... Hi, we discovered your work and want to sell...  It's always we and I didn't know my pots were lost and needed a rescue mission to find them.   :o

Or... Hi, we stumbled across your work...  That get's a very unsmiling face and thoughts of a vee sign cross my mind. Not very clever is it?  Who wants folks stumbling around lost pots? Yes, yet another  on line gallery of course and the sender is evidently a Maker Cherisher!

Oh to be cherished, discovered and stumbled over. All artists want to be appreciated and their work taken seriously and flattery works... sometimes.

Now I say artist here. I paint and draw stuff sometimes as well as making pots, but I couldn't claim to be an artist. Making pots is placed firmly in the craft box, but please don't email me as 'Craftworker' or 'Maker', only God can claim that title. Potter is fine. Ceramicists or ceramisist or even ceramist, smacks of Labs, white coats and bathroom furniture, so a thumbs down there.
If you look closely at the pictures of the pots, they should say it all.

So I apologise unreservedly as politicians say, to all those emails I have not replied to.

So dare I suggest a good old fashioned, nice, personal letter rather than an email probably sent to another hundred 'Ceramicists' if there is serious interest in what I make?

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