Thursday, 20 February 2014

Pinny Lady - the sequel.

Google 'Potter's Apron' and there she is - Pinny Lady and the Original Potter's Apron.
It's been tweaked a bit since it was first supplied to a few potter friends. A more substantial snap buckle, adjustment to the split skirt so that it keeps all of the legs covered when on the wheel. A nip and a tuck here and there, but the 170 metre roll of denim that took four of us to lift into the workroom has long disappeared.
There have been a number of specials along the way. Extra long ones, extra short ones, some in bright pink, some in bright blue. There are a couple of stripy ones underway, but who could forget the multicoloured, patchwork version for Richard?

They have gone off to America, Australia and who knows where else. Used by smart chefs at posh barbecues and rock star potters at their demonstration gigs. At Christmas the emails pop up wanting the Original Potter's Apron for Christmas presents. Potters sidle up to us in the oddest of locations and ask Pinny Lady if she has any aprons with her. Strange as it may seem she usually does or out comes the tape measure and another pinny is conceived.

Wider bib? - No problem.
Bucket scoop to the front to catch clay fettlings? - No worries.
Pink with black spots? - I dare say it can be done and always with a smile.

Pinny Lady will never be a threat to the might of Industrial China and they are made so well that they hardly ever wear out, but saying that, the Potter's Apron page on the website still gets the most hits.
Obviously there is a demand for a well made, hard wearing, quality apron, made by potters for potters, who understand what is required to do the job.
Meanwhile Pinny Lady surfs along on a sea of denim, helping to keep the potter's wheels spinning, the foot rings turning, the pug mills ...  er... pugging?

The aprons are available on request from David and Laura Wright