Monday, 16 June 2014

Egg of Columbus

When you go to Italy the Italians will tell you that Columbus was an Italian and came from Genoa. If you go to Portugal, they will say that he was Portuguese and there is a large monument in Lisbon to celebrate the fact. Go to Barcelona and there is a monument there also. Maybe he was Catalan too.
Ask the English and they say you can find him on Google and shrug their shoulders.
The King of Spain paid for the trip so the Spanish may have a claim also.

However, when Columbus returned from the Americas to spread the good news; remember he had to get back, there was no Skype to say "Hey guys just found this great place". He was met with both acclaim and scepticism. Feeling slightly miffed that there were those that claimed, it was nothing, it was easy, anyone could have done it, he set forth a challenge.

So stand an egg on it's end, he demanded.

Now we all know that this is not possible. Chickens are not stupid, they don't want people standing eggs on their ends, you wouldn't need those little racks in refrigerators or egg boxes.
Everyone failed the challenge, so Columbus picked up the egg and stood it on it's end.
Columbus was a sailor and to navigate he used a compass and he understood magnetism so maybe he employed a magnet and a nail to stand the egg.

The Egg of Columbus was the challenge set this year at Swalmen Keramiekmarkt for the Larouche prize.

Wood fired box with oak lid. Ceramic egg and magnet

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