Sunday, 15 March 2015

Propagate or Promulgate

My daughter asked me once "Where do all the flowers go in winter"?
I can't remember the exact answer, it was something along the lines of ; Flowers never go away completely, they are still slowly growing, but they are tiny, wrapped inside the plants and bulbs, saving themselves for the sun and the bees.
It seemed to answer the question and each year since, this little miracle happens. First the Hellebores and Snowdrops, then the Crocus have their few weeks of glory and all the while the spidery flowers of Hamamelis bloom, with their rich scent wafting outside the workshop, long before the Bumble bees appear from sleep.

We grow nearly all our vegetables, but at this time of year the only things left growing are a few Leeks, Parsnips, some Kale and a scraggy Cabbage or two. The snow and frost saw everything else off. The seed packets for this year lie in wait for a little more warmth and longer days, Potatoes chitting slowly, waiting for the frosts to finally disappear.
It's the season for warm winter soups and stews, made better for being presented in a Mark Griffiths bowl, piping hot gravy from a Richard Batterham jug, a winter stew in a Llanarth casserole.
So where do Potters go in the winter?
Well, probably much like flowers, they sit wrapped up in their cold workshops, making when they can, stacking wood, working on new shapes and ideas, building reserves of pots ready for the first wood firing of the year and the hoped for swarms of buyers for their wares. Another year begins, full of anticipation. We press ourselves to or work, the fruits of our winter labours sprouting from sheds and kilns in a profusion of shapes, textures and colours.

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